Other Services

We provide a range of services to landlords in London, Kent and West Sussex. A complete hands off service for you if you wish. Here’s what's included:

Lettings – Full Management 10% +VAT

A full service from start to finish. We will find you a tenant, manage the property and ensure your property performs well with zero hassle for you.

  • Tenant referencing
  • Tenancy agreements prepared
  • Your rent collected
  • Monthly statements
  • Pursuance of tenant arrears and servicing of appropriate notices
  • Serving of appropriate notices
  • Arranging of property repairs and maintenance as required
  • Your funds held in our client account
  • Routine property visits

If you want to invest in property but don’t want the hassle of managing the property yourself. Then our full management service is most suited to you.

Nationwide Rent Collection 3% +VAT

Our base service. Sometimes you would rather manage the property yourself and just need the support in collecting rent and ensuring your tenants pay you on time.

  • Tenancy agreements prepared
  • Your rent collected
  • Monthly statements
  • Pursuance of tenant arrears and servicing of appropriate notices
  • Serving of appropriate notices
  • Your funds held in our client account

Property management is a daunting task. The ever-changing laws, potential voids. Lean on us and our expertise.

Project Management

If you are planning a project and don’t have the time or know how best to approach it. We can help you achieve your vision. Book a call to discuss what you want to achieve and we can tell you what it should cost. We help find the main contractor, negotiate terms and oversee the build from start to finish. Providing weekly progress updates ensuring the main contractor is on schedule giving you peace of mind that you are moving forward, bringing your vision to reality.


We use the latest technology to map your home out virtually. Providing a walk through tour to assist in any build project or simple marketing material that you can use.

3D Modelling

If your project is a little complex and want to see what the finished property will look like. We can map out and draw your project in 3D showing you exactly how it will look. Down to the positioning of plug sockets and furniture.

Relocation Services

If you are looking to move to the UK and don’t have the time to find and view a property. Let us help you find the perfect home and or investment. We are your local support on the ground. Our data led sourcing can identify the roads to buy within your chosen area.

We consider:

  • School catchment areas
  • Deprivation
  • Rental demand
  • Distance to shops and transport links
  • Local development plans

Following a call with us to discuss your criteria. We will shortlist some properties for your consideration. Showing you the data and help you understand why they are the best ones to go for. We will negotiate the best price on your behalf and handle the entire purchase process for you. Get it right the first time, leverage our knowledge and skill to make your relocation smooth and pain free.

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