Work With us

We are often approached by time poor investors with little or no knowledge in the world of property but want to get involved. Leverage our time and skill ensuring you dont make the same mistakes we made when we started out.

Which area?

We can help you identify a good area to invest and the strategies that work in that area.

What Strategy should I use?

There are vast amounts of strategies to use and it can be a daunting task to identify which one suits you and your area. We can help to kick start your journey in the right direction.

Time poor

Like many. Its hard to juggle a full time job and a family. Property will almost always become the task you ‘will do tomorrow’. Use our time and get started today.

Earn and learn

Invest in one of our projects and get a fixed return on your capital whilst being involved in everything we do from finding the deal to project completion. Learn from us and succeed the first time, enabling you to skip the costly mistakes and years of learning through trial and error. Click the icon above to check out our recent projects.

Joint Venture

If you are wanting to do a big project and want our guidance and expertise. We can Joint venture with you. You put in the capital and we put in our time, knowledge, power team and manage the project through to completion. You can be as involved with the project as little or as much as you like. Your capital is repaid first and profit is split between us.

Creative ways to finance a project

You can get started with less than you think. Access to capital is possible through a SSAS - using your pension to buy property. Development finances, crowd finance. Of course there are risks with property investing but as long as you have ‘de-risked’ a project. Using leverage and your pension is a viable solution to not being able to start.

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