When you work with us, we will secure for you as many A-Grade investment properties as you can handle AND negotiate you a discount of more than you pay us to become a client.

So, it’s basically FREE to work with us.

We wrote THE Book on Investing in UK Property From Overseas

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The End To End Service that you’ve always wanted. From an Award Nominated UK Investment Company

Unlock the Growth Potential with Sourcing – Refurbishments and Lettings, all taken care of for you in our turn-key service that we spent YEARS putting together FOR YOU, and bespoke for overseas buyers. Check out some of our award Nominated Investments below.

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Finally…A Quick & Easy Way For You To Just Get To Buying The Best Deals On The Market, Risk Free As We Do All Of The Work For You!

Are you sick of being confused by the UK’s complex buying process? Tired of not knowing which solicitors or builders to trust? And looking for ways to predictably grow your wealth through property, faster, even if you don’t have the time to do it yourself?

At Pineapple-Group, we exclusively help Overseas Buyers like you, to build property portfolios that make the neighbors jealous. We steer you around all of the tax holes, rotten scammy investments and money-pit refurbishments using our thousands of weeks worth of dedicated industry expertise.

In the last 11 years we’ve shown hundreds of Overseas Property Investors how to easily Secure and Purchase Amazing UK Property Investments and Family Homes, without the years of hard work and trial and error or risky & expensive ‘education courses’. We’ve Grown a £6.5M Portfolio for ourselves, generating £500k a year annually, and we can do the same for you too.


Our 'Triple Lock' 100% Money-Back Guarantee

  • When you work with us, we will secure for you as many A-Grade investment properties as you can handle AND negotiate you a discount of more than you pay us to become a client. So, it’s basically FREE to work with us.
  • We will start paying your rent FOR YOU with our Platinum Plus Package if conveyancing takes longer than 8 weeks and slows down your buying process, just so you can have certainty of return on you money from day 1 of the process.
  • We Guarantee that when you come on board with us, that you will have your first property, secured and into conveyancing, within 4 weeks, and if we don’t achieve this outcome, we’ll return every penny you’ve invested with us so it’s No Risk to you. Hassle Free, No Questions Asked

Don't believe us? Here's some proof!

We can answer 91% of your questions, in a concise format in the next 24hrs. (if you can read fast)

91% of our Client’s FAQ’s were around these 4 topics. So, to just SHOW you what we do, and how we solve the most common issues faced by overseas buyers, here’s 4x FREE resources for you. Video Training, Books, Spreadsheets and Walkthroughs, so you can get Massive results in the UK Property Market from TODAY. (You don’t even need to sign up…thank me later)

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Free Report Reveals Shocking New Way To Secure Your Next UK Property Within 4 Weeks Without Losing Your Mind In The Complex Buying Process!

Finally! Find out what’s been stopping you from growing your UK Property Portfolio so you can eliminate it and live your dreams! 80+ Pages of vital information that shows you not just WHAT, but HOW to get moving in UK real estate even if you:

  • Can’t Visit the UK to do viewings yourself.
  • Have never been able to understand how our buying process works
  • Have no prior knowledge of buying costs
  • Don’t know where to find the good investment opportunities

We Guarantee that if you read and understand this book, you can have your first, or next investment property under your belt, in the next 4 weeks!


It's no secret that UK property is a good place to invest.

However many people jump straight in and make endless mistakes that cost them thousands.

Sure you can buy a property, you may know the process and the relevant professionals to make it happen. What if you buy the wrong property? Knowing your end goal is crucial to determine what and where to buy.

Then of course you have no end of potential mistakes and errors that will cost you time, energy and money. Trial and error is a one way to learn, but if you want to fast track and get it right the first time without wasting your money, then you have come to the right place.

Learn from our own mistakes so you don’t have to make them yourself. Our passion is property. We are experienced property investors with a personal portfolio of more than £6m containing single lets, HMOs, commercial-to-residential conversions, and blocks of flats.

These are all managed by our in-house lettings agency so we can guide you with lettings too. We have sourced over £5m in properties for our clients to date. Pineapple Investment Group will enable you to reach your goals. Come and let us help you on your journey to success!

Meet the Pineapple Group team

Stuart French [BEng]

A warm welcome from me to you, wherever in the world you’re reading this message. I’m delighted to welcome you to Pineapple-Group. My name is Stuart French, I’m a Civil Engineer, wine enthusiast and lifelong property devotee. I feel so lucky every day to pursue my passions in the world of property.

My career in property started while working offshore in oil exploration, and in my 6 months shore leave per year I began buying, refurbishing and renting properties and building my own portfolio. Now, 10 years on, I’m committed to passing on all of my knowledge and skills to other investors to bring them the chance of success that I’ve enjoyed this last decade.

I hope that you come with us on our journey, and tell others you meet along the way. By working with investors like you, to bring a higher standard of living, with great property deals and professional, knowledgeable and kind support, you can be part of the future of property investing in the UK, one that brings high standard of living AND high returns for investors.

I welcome you to explore our site, find the deal that makes you happy, and sit back and relax while we guide you through the process.

Greg Railton

I studied at Kingston University London and worked as a Licensed Aircraft Engineer for 12 years. I’ve always had an interest in fixing and improving things and as I grew up my interest in property became my passion.

I started investing in single lets whilst employed but it became very clear to me that my future would be in property despite loving my job. As my skills and knowledge grew, I took on bigger and complex projects. My portfolio is made up of single lets, HMO’s and commercial to residential conversions/blocks of flats across London, Sussex, Kent and the North East.

My days are now spent running a team with my business partner Stuart, completing personal projects, running a lettings agency and sourcing properties for clients to buy where I can channel my passion into developing and improving their properties too.

What clients made of the unique Pineapple Investment experience


Fisher Street – Complete

Your property may not be like this, but with our unique experience in property we see the market differently, and we find the real opportunity in all of our sales for both parties.

Looking to buy? Click the button below.

Or explore how this property looked when we first found it!

Fisher Street – Pre-Refurb

Whether your property is a fully modernised ‘two up two down’ in a great little spot by the park, a 3-bed family home in need of some love, or a £1.6M GDV full refurbishment on a prime high street location, we really have experienced it all.

Keep reading to see how our journey has developed into becoming one of the most forward-thinking Agents on the market. Or, if you’re ready to make a move and want to get in touch, write us a message.

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